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MTV Staying Alive and Durex have teamed up to create a global campaign, holding the premise that the more we talk openly about sex, the closer we get to a world free from HIV. Someone Like Me gives a voice to young people across the globe - an opportunity for young people to upload their thoughts and ideas about sex, as openly as they like. There's someone who has the same questions or opinions as you do, somewhere in the world.

So what does this campaign have that all the others don't? REALNESS. HONESTY. FUN. Sex education but without all the boring bits! 

On December 1st, World Aids Day, MTV & Durex will release a 45 minute documentary film which follows the journeys of young people from all over the world through their sex lives. And let me tell you, it's pretty mind blowing, so make sure you catch in on MTV! They will also be throwing parties and events all over the world, from Russia, Australia, China, Columbia and more to kick start change. 

As the Ambassador of the Staying Alive Foundation, I wanted to get involved in this global conversation, not only by uploading my own views about sex, but also by helping to produce the campaign and getting the best out of our subjects. I love having a nose around, so getting the ins and outs (excuse the pun) of peoples sex lives - no questions asked - was pretty ideal for me!

I found this guys story fascinating. The first thing that comes to mind when he hears the word 'sex' is STI's and disease :(

The lovely Shane spoke honestly and openly about being HIV positive. 

Applauding Malika's honesty!

My personal views about the availability of porn...

And here's some safe sex chat...

Hundreds more on the website! I encourage everyone to check it out, http://www.someonelikeme.tv/ to find out more, share the idea and get involved! Don't forget to hashtag #someonelikeme :)

On a final note, you can help us donate 10million condoms to HIV Projects worldwide with  #1share1condom so please share this awesome clip!


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