. Militancy Riddim | Protoje .

Jamaican dub record label Overstand Entertainment have produced a new mixtape, Militancy Riddim. Featuring both new and established artists who are currently at the centre of the Reggae Revival, Jah Cure, Protoje, Jesse Royal, Chezidek and King Mas, to name a few, spin their own versions of this raw, Kingston rooted, dub track. The first to stick in my mind were Jah Cure's 'Territory' (an obvious legend) and Protoje's 'Resist Not Evil'. 

Now if you know me well, then I've probably preached to you my love of Jamaican reggae artist, PROTOJE and his band In.Digg.Nation. First bought to my attention by Fresh Habits and David Rodigan about a year ago, both albums The Seven Year Itch (2011) and The 8 Year Affair (2013) have been my most listened to records. Son of 'Breakfast In Bed' 70s reggae star Lorna Bennett, who is notably also his manager, Protoje is in the forefront of the Reggae Revival that Jamaica, particularly Kingston, are currently undergoing. You might have heard his hit single 'Kingston Be Wise' on the Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack, and you should have heard his biggest tune with Ky-mani Marley, 'Rasta Love'.  Not even sure if the UK is ready for whats about to happen with this guy, so watch out! And with his European tour completed, we can expect to see Diggy in the UK next year.

 Literally. So. Hyped. 

Protoje's latest single, also featured on the mixtape, above. And we can't ignore the Music From My Heart mixtape, released over the summer, below. Speakers up!


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