. MTV EMA 2013 .

This year the MTV EMA was held in Amsterdam.  First thing that came to my mind was -PROSTITUTES AND COFFEE SHOPS FUCK YEAH. However, it turned out to be a lot more civilised and a lot more productive. I went out with MTV VOICES - MTV's online platform for young people to voice their opinions, and we held a 2 day MTV Pop Up in Trouwr ( sick venue for a biiig ass rave).... 

...which involved workshops, talks, seminars and general shits n giggles for the young people of Amsterdam. Myself and Anna Alicia, the Netherlands presenter, gave a presentation on our lives as presenters as well as a workshop and lots of tips, we had RJ Mitte AKA WALT JUNIOR from Breaking Bad (I die) giving a talk on his new life of stardom, Swizz Beats and Jay Sean gave a talk that essentially ended up as a talent show not dissimilar to a hip hop version of Glee, as well as the top bosses at MTV/Viacom talking about how to make it in the industry. 

Check out more in the vid  below.

Later we caught The Killers who played the world stage for music week, the drummer blew my mind, like a lot. 

In terms of the actual EMAs, it was so much fun. We interviewed the likes of Rita Ora, Calvin Harris, Dizze Rascal, 30 Seconds To Mars, Robin Thicke, Icona Pop, and of course, my favourite - RON BURGANDY. I recall him saying that women should grow moustaches to be a successful anchor, and that he used to be a brain surgeon. He didn't go to school so he just cut peoples heads open and hoped for the best, but had a 98% success rate. CHEERS RON. 

I wore this super tight, super short, super cute dress by Mary Benson, and Bugged Out head jewellery.

And this super hot model, name unknown, was happy to pose for my picture.

Here's a bunch of potatoes backstage:

And here are a couple of outfits I went through...

Lazy Oaf x Looney Tunes dress

Diamond Supply Co beanie & vest, Nike Jacket

Diamond Supply Co beanie, Illustrated People tee, Topshop shorts, Vintage jacket 


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