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Well I've been slacking, haven't I? It recently came to my attention that my blog's been going for over 4 years now and admittedly, posts have been rather sporadic. But I'm ready to change it all up. I'll be posting up more frequently from now on, so be sure to keep checking in for everything from interviews, features, new music, outfit posts, videos, food posts, pretty pictures I like, random rants and general life updates. 

Where to bloody start.


Some summer highlights, I reckon. Gonna have to be quite brief as there are a few!


I think the lady in the background clutching at her heart with the look of love across her face sums up how most women (and men, to be fair) feel about Pharrell. Was pretty chuffed to chat to such a legend, and often it's difficult meeting someone that you hold so high in your opinion as it's disappointing. But Mr Skateboard P was quite the opposite. Dashing, a total charmer, polite, and gave a fantastic interview.

Joey Bada$$ - high as a kite but what a cutie. (Watch my Wireless interviews HERE)

Christopher Mintz Plasse (MC LOVIN!!!) he was pretty shy but loved him, we even had a little drum off! Watch the interview HERE.

Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum. Chatted to these two about their new movie White House Down. I got them to rap the plot of the movie (have you seen this amazing spoof!?) Foxx gave me his best Obama impression and then we took this (slightly unprofessional but very necessary) selfie.  


Wireless had to be the best for talent spotting. Our MTV News stand was in the middle of the backstage area, right next to Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake's compound (yes it really was a compound - a Nandos and a Basketball court were involved. Standard.) so I had the chance to photobomb Frank Ocean:

And Jay Z gave me the nod - he walked by me back stage whilst I was sneaking off for a wee. I was thankful for my pathetic bladder at that point:

I also bumped into A$AP and had to get a picture. Strictly for the MTV Twitter, obvs. He said he liked my floral backpack, and something along the lines of "you're on that Dora The Explora shit, I like it." Thanks A$AP, I'll take that as a compliment:

I died my hair what I thought was pink at the time, but actually it was just this weird colour:


V Festival was a laff, I kept it all pretty low key in this SPANGLED jumpsuit & sunnies:


Secret Garden Party was by far my fave Festival everrr. I loved the freedom and the variety of people - one minute your standing next to a man dressed as a lampshade, who's chatting to a midget, opposite a naked man on a trampoline, near an old couple having a jolly day and a group of uni lads avin' it large on pills. On the last day we all dutty wined to Rodigan post paint fight. So ideal.


Farr Festival was SUCH a vibe. A small boutique festival in the depths of fields and woods, it was refreshing and very exciting to be at a 3000 capacity Festival as opposed to a 30,000. Plus I went with an absolute dream team.


Bestival never fails me. I was working most of it this year, but still got to see some super cool DJ sets such as Fat Boy Slim, EZ, Annie Mac, Cyril Hahn, Julio Bashmore and headliner Snoop.


Wilderness I thought was a really cute festival. Great family vibes and a wilddd forest rave at night. The only downside was that everything finished at 2am, so there were a lot of inflated pupils wondering round the site every night, desperate for some sort of beat. I did catch Luke Sitah Singh's performance and boy did it blow my mind. 



Street Style shots from the Topman Design and Burberry shows.

Wearing Nasir Mazhar hat, Mishka NYC top, Topshop skirt, HUF socks, Underground boots. 

Wearing Grind London bucket, To-orist Jacket, Dope Chef top.


Iceland was all about promoting Tom Cruise's film Oblivion, so the MTV News team and I flew out to where the movie was filmed. And we had the BEST TIME.


Brazil was crazy. I flew to Porto Alegre with MTV Staying Alive and Durex for the WAS Sexual Health Conference, to present the campaign we are working on. It wasn't very touristy so the streets were quite dangerous to walk alone and the weather was appalling, but the guys from MTV Brazil hooked us up with a great time. We went clubbing (where I did an impromptu DJ set,) shopping, a city tour and ate at the best restaurant I have EVER experienced. Brazilian food is just made for me. Shit loads of beef and BBQ'd meat and delicious desserts. 


South Of France saw the Quicksilver Pro France 2013 in Hossegor - a surfing competition and music festival. I covered it with MTV news and it was a pretty dreamy work trip of chilling on the beach in 30 degrees and watching sexy surfers. We interviewed surf champ Sally Fitzgibbons, Klaxons and Citizen!


So yeah, pretty neat summer! X

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