. Hello February! .

I've been a lazy biatch haven't I babes.

It's like, really difficult to do loads of things and then write about it straight after. So i've missed out a huge chunk of what I've been doing so far this year.... I'm sure you'll get over that pretty quickly. But fear not, I'm about to do a big fat brain dump of my highlights from the last week!

My Canvas Journey

This month I'm taking part in a new campaign for Converse, where 23 instagrammers photograph their lives with their Converse canvas bag, for a month. The Photos and bags will go into an exhibition on 15th of March. You can check out everyones photos at http://mycanvasjourney.tumblr.com/ 

Here's a couple of  my shots so far:

 photo 526488_10151261433086333_512693964_n_zpsa8722e9a.jpg

 photo 539756_10151271075701333_229965935_n_zpsb5b149ec.jpg

 photo 535835_10151258703151333_7564094_n_zpsbd1344ab.jpg

 photo photo-20_zps9f6b2585.jpg

To follow My Canvas Journey on instagram search #mycanvasjourney or #beccadudleyMCJ 

Lee Scratch Perry

THIS GUY. I've ranted and raved about him on my blog the last time I met him, so I'll keep this as brief as poss. Last week I produced and presented an interview with the legend himself, after watching him perform at the Jazz Cafe, and I can happily say it's the most difficult interview I've ever done. But that doesn't mean to say it wasn't my fave EVER! Try asking about fashion inspirations and getting answers about fish tongues, hebrew slaves and vampires. Cannot wait to post the video for all to see, it's just so great. 

 photo BC0aUiDCEAEm8m8_zps942b5ab3.jpeg

News with Ne-yo

We were due to catch up with Ne-yo in interview form, so while he was in our ends, we thought we might as well get him to deliver the celebrity news to the world. With me. And he was an absolute pleasure to work with! Interview will be up on the website at the beginning of next week. 

 photo Screenshot2013-02-20at234407_zpsa1e306a1.png

 photo Screenshot2013-02-20at234511_zps4c6d1c84.png

 photo Screenshot2013-02-20at234635_zps9413047d.png

BRIT Awards

Straight after Ne-yoMANIA we set off to the 02 for the Brit Awards 2013. The red carpet was such a laugh and I got to watch the show from a luxurious box afterwards! Was pretty chuffed with that.

 photo 542858_10151274758211333_785084982_n_zps9b4a9453.jpg

 photo 21797_10151275092656333_713381811_n_zpsbfde2c4f.jpg

 photo 859145_10151276171111333_46334015_o_zps59a29f9c.jpg

 photo BDkbbj4CAAAl8uS_zpsebd66bba.jpeg

 photo BDkf6EzCAAA1CgL_zps19c8e540.jpeg

 photo BDkSIOyCcAAwx6Y_zps2592e4e5.jpeg

 photo 548846_10151274128231333_1578617787_n_zpsd2ca4f3a.jpg

I'll try to post more often.... but in likelyhood, I probs wont. So I'll just carry on doing sporadic posts like this one. Yay!


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