. Melodie Roulaud .

Melodie Roulaud directs this stunning short fashion film for 125 Magazine. 

Director: Melodie Roulaud
Styling: Lauren Grant
Hair/Makeup: Lucy Pearson
Music: Jessica Danheisser
Model: Olga G at FM

Now this is an up and coming director to watch out for! Currently completing her degree in Fashion Styling and Photography at London College of Fashion, Melanie is currently exploring stop motion film, and has produced some inspiringly creative shorts. Her beautiful cinematography is so enchanting and airs a nostalgic romance that I just cannot get enough of. Interesting and addictive... I've watched this one like 10 times! Looking forward to seeing more from her in the near future, but in the mean time check out her website http://melodieroulaud.com


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Hey lady, gotta bitta blog hype on my page for ya, keep up the good work dude,


Wide Eyed Fire Child,

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