So apparently it's cool to wear bunny ears. I have to say I absolutely love the look, so adorable. Here's some visual stimulation - Louis Vuittons A/W 09 headband, from the catwalk to celebrities to the high street.








Aaand here's my version. Headband - Topshop, Dress - American Apparel (customised by myself), Necklace - Vivienne Westwood, Band - Vintage. (Sorry about the pic quality, was taken on a night out on my digital cam, will take some good quality ones soon). What d'ya think?




Jacqueline said...

cute photo! xoxo


Kristin said...

i like your versoin of the bunny ears. you can really pull it off!


Luna Supernova said...

i love this look and it looks fantastic on you, i really need to get onto it and make a pair!

Kelly Cambon said...

They look wonderful on you!

Stacy said...

you're sooo cute!! i'd try making them a little bigger though? i dunno, just my opinion haha but you look stunning


Tasha said...

That looks cute! I doubt I could pull that look off though! My husband would just laugh at me!

mom & son said...

i love bunny headband.
hinting me of another DIY.

p.s can we exchange links? thanks!


Ivania said...

love lace bunny ears!

mom & son said...

p.s thanks for adding me, sweetie.
i just added yours too which you can see all the links
on the very bottom of my page. hope to see you around.

+ victoria green + said...

I love bunny ears / oversized adorable taffeta bows! They are about the cutest thing a girl can wear :)

I love your blog btw!

kirstyb said...

i like you vversion of the bunny ears better xxxx

Pol said...

I find this trend pretty weird , but i love , eaven on the streer, i love that you have your owns! Kiss

Style Porn said...

Bunny ears are too cute/stupid not to love. How freaking fabulous does Gaga look? She IS performance art.

Pia said...

i love your bunny ears! you look so gorgeous!

Elizabeth said...

I LOVEEE that idea! it makes any outfit look haute couture x


Beki said...

Lady gaga! How could I have guessed? :] I do love them though!


mom & son said...

hello. just checking out on you if you have a new post.
greeting you happy holidays!

Nabila said...

yes at bunny ears!

Nabila xo

IsauraQuevedo said...

I love this trend! I love this ears!
And looove your blog, Awsome!

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