Alexander McQueen did it again

dfskljnsdgvnskd. Totally in love with this range of Alexander McQueen Accessories! The beauty above is a bracelet from menswear range, and below are a couple of my favourite clutches. Loving the ring/glove and clutch combo I have to say, genius! I don't think I will ever be over skulls.



Barbro Andersen said...

Thank you so much for the comment!

I love these clutches!

Linda-Mari said...

Thank you so much! Like yours too, let me know if you want to exchange links:)

I love McQueen skulls<3

La Chauve-Souris said...

waow cool skulls clutches!!! thanks for the comment babe!! I actually got in in sale in south of France and the shoes I stock them in camden market!!

hope you're doing great... the video from elle tv is awsome btw!!


Ine said...

If I had the cash, I would definitely get the skull-bracelet!

Ashley said...

His accessories are incredible. I also posted about those clutches, they're fab!

Becca Jane said...

i love love love these clutches! So cute! My faves are the red one with the rings and the black one with the GLOVE. I love it.

maria said...

totally crazy for the third one!!!!!!

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