Hand of Fatima/ Hamsa/ Miriam/ Hamesh

If I don't have this symbol around my neck, I feel incomplete. Although I am neither Jewish nor Islamic, I still take pride in wearing my Hamsa necklace which i stole from my good friend Miss Charlotte Crawford. There's something about it that fascinates me - they come in all different colours and variations throughout the different middle eastern countries. The main religions that posses this charm (Jewish and Islam) are totally contrasting, so it's kinda ironic that they share this religious symbol - I like that it means the same thing to all the different religions.
The general consensus is that it keeps the evil away, protecting against the evil eye - it wards off harm and pain caused by the eyes of others.
I've worn mine every day for almost two years now and am going to start collecting them - may even be a possible future tattoo ( I had it henna'd on my shoulder once, looked a bit crap really.)
Random people have come up to me on the street and told me that it is also Mexican and Buddhist, apparently. Here's some piccies! xxx


CAMILLE said...

ooh i saw these symbols when I went to india..gorgeous necklaces though

camille x

Anonymous said...


manoush does an amazing sequin hand of fatima (there logo) dress :)

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